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Project Mayor Upgrade

California Organic Remodel

The owners of this Rancho Santa Fe home purchased it knowing it would need to be completely changed to fit their aesthetic and functional needs.  The home was an eclectic mashup of various styles and the vision of this client was clear.  Warm woods, natural stone and unlacquered brass were carried throughout the home to create a cohesive feel from room to room.  There is an undercurrent of elegance throughout, but with a casual and approachable nuance.  

Previously the kitchen was chopped up with posts and peninsulas that made it feel cramped and had no discernable focal point.  The redesign put the wolf range front and center with a gorgeous marble backsplash and vintage beam on the plaster hood.  We removed the heavy brick on the family room fireplace to visually open up the space plus added arches and rift sawn white oak to the adjacent shelving areas. 


Every bathroom was updated throughout using a combination of marble, zeillige tile, roman clay walls.  However, the Primary Bath was an addition that required a revamping of the entire bedroom area. We were able to open up the bedroom, move the closet into a larger space and add a stunning new bathroom.  With integrated taj mahal sinks, plaster tub, travertine shower, and a huge arched window taking center stage - every detail is a stunner.

Photography: Mellon Studios

Styling: Shop Heritage

Mayor Upgrade
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